DJ Lessons Online

Finding the best DJ lessons online is an important part of making your hobby into a more serious career choice. By tapping into DJ lessons, you can gain all the knowledge you need simply by studying wherever you are — which may be at your regular job or simply as a hobby on the side. You’ll learn how to drop beats, master mixes, and become an ace at moving the dance floor when you find a great course selection. In addition to being a fun and rewarding path in life, DJing can be truly lucrative and profitable as well — as long as you know how to become a DJ, how to find the best courses, and how to master the art of being a disc jockey.

DJ Lessons

Best DJ Lessons Online

There are a number of good DJ courses online available. The main program is the DJ Masters Course, which teaches a comprehensive solution to learn how to DJ. The DJ Courses Online series is also a good program for quickly picking up the skills you need. The DJ program you choose should have a simple workbook, sample audio files, diagrams, exercises, and tech knowledge, and a connection to the best online forums and resources for aspiring DJs.

1. DJ Masters Course (Top Recommendation for 2017)

The DJ Masters Course program is a great way to become a DJ. You’ll learn everything you need to know simply by following the fun, interactive materials through this online program. In addition to becoming a pro DJ, you will learn how to make a part-time or full-time income without needing an expensive college degree.

The program also gives you everything you need to quickly set up your own online DJ studio thanks to the virtual DJ software included in this kit. You’ll gain access to the members only area, where you can ask pro DJs how to dominate the field of music. The course overview goes in sequence, teaching you cueing, keeping tracks connected, matching beats, mixing points, markers, bars, and beats, fading, equalizing, and making that perfect mix. Through this program, you will learn how to make a perfect demo, create seamless mixes, master the equipment setup for your DJ career, source new tracks and music, mix harmonically in key, master the mixing fader process, master EQ mixing, and beatmatch. You will also learn how to keep tracks in time, cue your tracks, and understand the structure of each song so you can fully mix it with others. We recommend this service as our #1 pick for DJ lessons online.

2. DJ Courses Online

Another great online program is DJ courses online. If you’re serious about practicing on your computer, tablet, smartphone, browser, or other device, you’ll be able to master the process of DJing through the extensive series of lessons provided through this website. The company offers a full guarantee for your money back if you aren’t happy, as well as plenty of videos and techniques available. We suggest them as our #2 pick for learning how to become a DJ, as they are slightly less comprehensive (but still quite good) than DJ Masters. They are a good pick for DJ lessons online.

How to Become a DJ — Step By Step Overview

Becoming a DJ is a step by step process. You won’t be able to go overnight from training to full fledged mixer, but with time and practice you can become a DJ. The first thing you will need is to gather plenty of equipment. You need to pick the best software, tables, studio area, speakers, and mixes. Plugins, mice, audio controllers and monitors are also important and should be considered in your setup. You will also need 2 turntables or more, mixing software, speakers, headphones, and a two channel mixer at the bare minimum.

DJs have to pick whether they will go digital or analog. May traditional setups for DJs use vinyl records and turntables using direct drive technology, but many CD based setups can also be used. The plus side of DJing with digital tech is that you can basically do it on the go and be as mobile as possible. However, analog setups give you the full-fledged, authentic experience of DJing the way it was meant to be.

The next step is learning your music genres. You will need to know downtempo, hardcore, hard style, progressive, glitch, techno, trance, and house at the very least. There are tons of youtube videos available on different music styles, and you will need good music tracks that are actually purchased — not the ratty versions you can download through mp3.

Next, you need to learn outros and intros. Dance songs typically have outran and intros which tell you when one song begins and another is ending. This will help you mix live and cue up tracks to go from one to the next. You’ll need to make sure your BPMs match or that you have a cD player pitch adjustment mechanism through the turntable to adjust the speed of your tracks. You can then crossfade to increase volume of the new song while decreasing the next one.

A good way to learn how to DJ for yourself is to watch the pros do it. Watch how your favorite DJ manages the crowd and constructs songs. When you’ve seen him do his work, try approaching him to ask if he will give you some tips and maybe even let you watch up close. Many DJs are more than happy to allow you to observe when they sense you really want to learn. Some top DJs include Deadmau5, Knife Party, Tiesto, Headhunterz, and Sebastian Ingrosso, among others.


Learning how to DJ can be done completely online using a series of courses such as DJ Masters or DJ Courses online. Each of these instructional methods will give you the basics — and the next step for you is to get your own equipment and start practicing. Try to queue up as many gigs as you can to get plenty of experience and gain recognition. Once you are out there in the real world using your turntables, you’ll find that the fun of being a DJ is worth the investment. You won’t need an expensive college degree to become a DJ since you can learn everything you need to from the comfort of your home simply through using online course material.